Connecting college students with central PA high school classes to learn Web design

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Information and Process

PA Learns Web Design is run by Professor James Pannafino who teaches in the Bachelor of Design Degree (B.Des.) program at Millersville University, Pennsylvania. As part of a service learning experience, Millersville students visit area high school classrooms to not only give demos and presentations but also share information with younger students.


To start, please read the FAQ section for PA Learns Web Design and then e-mail us with the following information: who you are, a little about your class and what you would like to learn.

Visit Details

Once you connect with us, a student liaison will work with you on the details of the visit, such as your class needs, time of presentation and other important facts.


On the scheduled presentation date, the students will show up at your school at the arranged time and do their best to deliver a meaningful demo and/or presentation.


After the presentation is over, a short feedback form will be sent to you to respond to regarding the college students’ visit.

Presentation Types

We’ll work with you.

Below are some examples of presentation types that range from general overviews and career paths, to hands-on coding demos and design sharing. We will work with you and mix-and-match as needed to fit your class type and time needs.

Web Design Process
and career paths

Millersville students will give a presentation of the Web design process, which includes user experience, project planning, visual design and front-end Web development. They will also discuss career paths in interactive design, such as interface design, interaction design, motion design and many others.


High school students will work through the basics of either HTML or CSS to create a basic functioning Web page. This hands-on coding demo* is a great way to demystify the complexity of creating a Web page. (* Your classroom needs a computer lab for the demo.)

Design Project

For any of the other types of presentations, Millersville students can share their work with your classroom. They can show their process from sketch ideation to final digital creation. In some cases, high school students can work through prototypes or test out interactive designs.

Hear What Teachers Are Saying.

  • Author image
    Terri Swisher Computer Teacher, Director of Technology for Studies
    Lancaster Catholic High School

    The Millersville students knew the materials they were presenting; each had a different topic. My students were engaged and told me today they enjoyed and learned from the presentation. I liked that my students saw the actual projects they were assigned in their college courses.

  • Author image
    Rachel Minnich Art and Design Teacher, Octorara Senior High School

    Millersville students were so amazing; my students were focused and having fun. I think three of them went home and tried to customize their own web pages. They were very professional, and I have nothing but good things to say about them.”

  • Author image
    Bill Turner Technology Education Teacher, Hempfield High School

    It was a great experience having the students from Millersville come to my classroom and share their knowledge of design skills with my high school students. The MU students were very interactive with my class and responded to their questions with a great deal of professionalism.


Common Questions

Here are answers to commonly asked questions about PA Learns Web Design. If you don’t find the information here, please email us and we will do our best to get back to you as soon as we can.

Is there a fee for this?

None, there is no money exchanged at all.

How many Millersville students will visit?

Anywhere from two to four, on average three.

How far will your students travel in PA?

The furthest Millersville students will travel is around 45–50 minutes from Millersville, PA. We suggest going onto Google Maps and determining the distance from Millersville. If you are too far but would really like a student presentation, then we can arrange a Skype video chat with your class that you can present via a projector.

What type of high school classes do these presentations work best for?

Almost any! Millersville students have visited all types of classes, such as Art, Business, Computer Science, Design, Tech Ed and more.

What type of equipment do you need at the high school classroom?

A projection system at the very least. On average, Millersville students will have a laptop and needed cords. For coding demos, a computer lab is needed. We can tell you what freeware to put on the computers ahead of time.

My students are not really into coding—would this presentation still be useful?

Absolutely, a common misnomer is that Web design is all about coding; however, that is only one part. Web design is much more than that and, in fact, includes writing, strategic planning, creative thinking and many other aspects that are cross-disciplinary.